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The Bunki Center Staff are a group of friends who came together to develop a SCI-FI text game. To do this, we used Toast-Stunt, which has been made available to those interested in MOO programming.
Our first venture into text games is Vast Horizon. We put many hours into writing the code, hashing out the game's lore, and coming up with future ideas. We are pleased to share our creation with you and hope that you will enjoy it. If you opt to give our little corner of gaming creativity a try, have fun as you help us shape the future of Vast Horizon!

The server used to maintain Vast Horizon costs money to run. Thus, donations would be appreciated. If you would like to donate, simply go to the paypal website and send your donation to hosts@bunkicenter.net.
More information on donating and donation items can be found within the game's help files.

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There are many people we'd like to thank for directly, or indirectly assisting us with Vast Horizon. Among these are Chatmud, and Lizdude for open sourcing Toast-Stunt.
We would also like to thank the current staff members for sticking it out with us, and those who went their own way for various reasons. Special thanks go to Tom and Burtha, you know who you are. We will not forget your contributions nor the good times we had.


If you would like us to put an add up for you, shoot us a support ticket in game or an email to the support address above.

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All original works found on this website and within the Vast Horizon game are the "©" of BunkiCenter. This includes but is not limited to any books or props the players may create for the game.

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