Open since 10/22/2020!

Vast Horizon Logo: A dark silhouette of a construction worker is at the front of this image. He is holding a jackhammer in his hand, bent over slightly. A long road runs behind him, winding up into a mountain range. A hazy purple moon comes up from behind the image.

We began tinkering with Vast Horizon a few years ago and got serious with it in 2018 when we began writing more activities, many with unique twists. We hope that you enjoy our plotlines and game mechanics. These include our spin to salvaging, and original activities such as pebble sifting, which is integral to the story! Of course, we wouldn't be a space game without key staples! Be on the look out for invasions in the air as they are the only method of getting your space combat fix. With help from the playerbase, we will strive to make fun and exciting new activities and good roleplay.


Vast Horizon is a futuristic SCI-FI game that deviates from our space reality early in the twentieth century. We are an RPI game in which you are required to remain IC in every setting minus the minimal OOC communications that we provide for your use. We strive to create a friendly gaming atmosphere in which players find respect, good times and equal opportunities.

We have an exciting story of humanity coming from the brink of extinction to regain wealth, power, and a home to call our own. It is through you, the players, that our story will continue to branch out in entriguing directions! We also offer a rich environment for roleplaying with many areas already built and more to come! Part of this system includes a very unique shopping system and the use of credit and debit cards.

In addition to those listed above, we have game mechanics such as crafting, artifact hunting, mining, atmospheric research, and asteroid tugging. Part of our ground combat system has a fantacy feel to it. In combination with the ground soldiers of our enemy, we have boss kills with goblins, dragons and more to come! What we try to do is put a few twists in many of our activities to give diversity.

How to play!

After you set up your user account and create a character, playing the game is straight forward. Read the necessary help files and signs once you are in the character start room.
Host is
Port is 7979. For those who need it, VastHorizon is the game name.

Clients used for playing the game!
We have not tried using the phone clients but we were given recommendations.
For IOS: mudrammer and Pocket MUD Pro.
For Android: BlowTorch.
For the computer: Vipmud is used by the VI community. Mushclient is used by both the VI and sighted communities.
There are many more clients out there, if you use one not listed let us know.